Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 4, December 2018, Pages 3-51 (Winter) 
4. How e-learning creates new opportunities in hospital settings? Innovations in a low resource setting

Pages 20-24

Seyed Farzin Mircheraghi; Reza Esmaeili; Abdoljavad Khajavi; Seyed Farzam Mircheraghi; Reza Ahmadi; Saeed Erfanoor; Moosa Sajjadi; Fateme Valirad; Ali Alami

6. Instructional design: missing loop in e-learning educational softwares for medical education

Pages 31-38

Maryam Ghasemi; Hashem Fardanesh; Javad Hatami; Soleiman Ahmady

7. The compatibility of the new undergraduate nursing curriculum with occupational needs from the viewpoint of the faculty members of some north and north-west Universities of Medical Sciences of Iran

Pages 39-45

Morteza Behnam; Aziz Kamran; Mohamad Taghi Savadpoor; Khadijeh Nasiri; Mehran Khaki; Nima Ghassemi; Fatemeh Mohamadi; Fatemeh Gholinezhad; Mehrnaz Kooshanfar; Samira Emami; Rozita Cheraghi

8. The differences between dentistry education system in Iran and other countries

Pages 46-51

Tahereh Ghaffari; Fahimeh Hamedirad; Ehsan Ghadamyari