Learning based on micro learning

Document Type : Letter to Editor


Instructional Technology Department, Faculty of Psychology & Education, Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran, Iran


Micro learning is the acquisition of knowledge from short, focused modules of information generally involving a single learning objective (1). This type of learning, emphasizing the limitation of the learners working memory, provides the learner with educational content in the form of audio, text, image, video, animation and multimedia in small pieces. From the perspective of the cognitive approach, by segmenting the information, the cognitive load of the learners working memory is reduced and learning is facilitated for him (2). In order words, micro learning can be considered as one of the important strategies for designing educational messages that can make the teaching learning process more effective. Micro learning can incorporate numerous learning formats and can be suited to any of the learning domains: cognitive, affective and psychomotor (1). This is despite the fact that the affective domain is considered a neglected aspect of higher education; But by using this learning method, the range of different goals can be used


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