Analysis the Impact of International Students’ Feelings of Loneliness on Academic Performance in Medical Universities

Document Type : Systematic review/Meta analysis


PhD student, Department of Educational Management and Planning, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran


Background: This study aims to analyze the impact of international students’ feelings of loneliness on academic performance in Medical Universities.
Method: The present qualitative research has been done using the meta-synthesis method. Accordingly, the following specialized keywords were sought: “loneliness international students (and academic performance),” “loneliness of international medical students (and academic performance),” “depression of international students (and academic performance),” and “depression of international medical students (and academic performance).” The reputable scientific databases, as sources of this search, are: Science Direct, Springer, Wiley Online Library, PubMed, ERIC, Sage Journals, and Emerald, and the dating spectrum is 2000-2021. Finally, out of 60 reviewed studies, 35 studies reached the final analysis.
Results: In response to the first question, the most important psychological and physical components of loneliness affecting the academic performance of international students in medical universities are the components of psychosis, communication isolation, physical weakness, socio-cultural maladaptation. In response to the second question, the most important negative consequences of feeling lonely on the academic performance of international students in medical universities, are the components of academic failure (academic stress, low academic performance), In response to the Third question the most important solutions at the individual level to alleviate the feeling of loneliness of international students in medical universities to improve academic performance are categorized: improving mental health, development of communication, physical improvement, academic achievement and socio-cultural compromise In response to the fourth question, the most important strategies at the university level to alleviate the feeling of loneliness of international students in medical universities to improve academic performance identified university policies, capacity building and empowerment of international students.
Conclusion: Considering the importance of having truck with the feeling of loneliness by international medical students to improve academic performance and create mental and physical health among them, the identified components should be considered by the managers of Iran’s higher education system.


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