Distance learning in pathology for universities with limited resources amid COVID-19 pandemics

Document Type : Letter to Editor


1 Department of infectious diseases, Faculty of Medicine, Birjand university of Medical sciences, Birjand, Iran

2 Department of pathology, Faculty of medicine, Birjand University of Medical Sciences, Birjand, Iran


Telemedicine and distance learning is increasingly integrated into medical education systems. We aimed to develop a blended learning system as part of Birjand University of Medical Sciences (BUMS) Online Learning Management Systems (LMS) to train medical students and residents during COVID-19 pandemics.
BUMS is located on the border of neighboring Afghanistan, which suffers from limited medical education infrastructure. In our center, we are processing histopathologic samples with high-quality imaging for other centers. We would report the slides and findings as part of a distance learning program to teach pathology courses to medical students and residents.
This plan has an advantage over commercially available software. It would present local cases in the neighboring country, which, similar to our region, has a different prevalence of specific lesions. We will provide the teaching materials in two languages, Persian and English.
In light of the COVID-19 pandemics and limited specific pathology education systems, distance learning in pathology would have additional advantages, save time, and maybe inevitable.
Ideally, we plan to develop a standard virtual training service focused on pathology medical and educational aspects.


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