Keywords = Medical student
Number of Articles: 8
1. Motivation and attitude of language learning among students (Case study: Mashhad University of Medical Sciences and Ferdowsi University)

Volume 10, Issue 3, September 2020, Pages 13-20

Zohreh Rahnama Bargard; Maedeh Sharafoddin; Monavar Afzalaghaee

2. Socioeconomic background of students in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences: A comparative study

Volume 9, Issue 4, December 2019, Pages 64-69

Abbas Makarem; Ramin Daneshvar; Mohammad Taghi Shakeri

3. The Need Assessment of Medical Students for a Complementary and Alternative Medicine Curriculum

Volume 8, Issue 3, September 2018, Pages 28-33

Hamid Reza Bahrami-Taghanaki; Ali Emadzadeh; Hossein Karimi Moonaghi; Mohamadreza Noras; Sharareh Karimi

4. Comparison of Blended and Lecture Teaching Methods on Satisfaction in Introduction to Clinical Medical Sudents (Pathophysiology Level)

Volume 6, Issue 4, December 2016, Pages 44-47

Boshra Hasanzamani; Mohammad Javad Mojahedi; Zahra Lotfi; Saiideh Ahmadi Simab; Mahin Ghorban Sabbagh

5. Effect of Integrated Management of Childhood Illness Training on Medical Student’s Knowledge and Clinical Skills

Volume 5, Issue 2, June 2015, Pages 33-37

Narjes Sargolzaie; Manijheh Khalili; Mojhgan Jahantigh; Fatemeh Kiani; Atefeh Naderi