Nursing Care and Postmodernism

Document Type: Letter to Editor


Anesthesiology and Operating Room Department, Faculty of Paramedics, Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences, Sabzevar, Iran


As a historical era, postmodernism signifies transition from inflexible and logical positivism and entry into a new view to science. Postmodernism offers a number of nursing practice revise that including humanism, conditions, and borderless, multi-voice, view, and multicultural world, changes in meaning of knowledge, and life-long learning. Demographic changes, technological advances, ethnic and cultural diversity, poverty, and other issues have thus encountered nursing profession more than before with demanding challenges in the field of health care services. I personally believe that nurses’ philosophical thinking can have significant effects on development of patient care programs. Under the influence of postmodern assumptions, nursing care can also put emphasis on plurality, respect for cultural and individual differences, relativism of truth or reality, constructive discourse, different views to special knowledge, positioning, as well as listening to different voices. Besides, postmodernists reject traditional of truth and any kind of centralism and work against consideration of a central truth in life.